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Any script or bot (such as purevil.ini) that can be used to ban, protect, impersonate, or sabotage an IRC user.


destructive program [F-Prot], FDoS-Flooder [McAfee], Flood/FloodBots.20 [Panda], Flooder.Win32.FloodBots.20 [Kaspersky], Flooder.Win32.FloodBots.21 [Kaspersky], HackTool.Win32.LinkLooker [Kaspersky]


IRC War: Any tool that uses Internet Relay Chat for spoofing, eavesdropping, sniffing, spamming, breaking passwords, harassment, fraud, forgery, 'imposturing', electronic trespassing, tampering, hacking, nuking, system contamination including without limitation use of viruses, worms and Trojan horses causing unauthorized, damaging or harmful access and/or retrieval of information and data on your computer and other forms of activity that may even be considered unlawful.

Flooder: A program that overloads a connection by any mechanism, such as fast pinging, causing a DoS attack.

Trojan: Any program with a hidden intent. Trojans are one of the leading causes of breaking into machines. If you pull down a program from a chat room, new group, or even from unsolicited e-mail, then the program is likely trojaned with some subversive purpose. The word Trojan can be used as a verb: To trojan a program is to add subversive functionality to an existing program. For example, a trojaned login program might be programmed to accept a certain password for any user's account that the hacker can use to log back into the system at any time. Rootkits often contain a suite of such trojaned programs.

Similar Pests:

IRC War · Flooder · Trojan


Date of Origin:

June, 1993



  • IRC War: 1.8%
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    Clot Factor:

  • IRC War: 1
  • The "Clot Factor" is a measure of how much a pest "gums up" a machine by adding registry entries, files, and directories. As more objects are placed in a machine, manual removal becomes more difficult and more error-prone.


  • IRC War: Insufficient data to report growth
  • Operation

    Storage Required:

  • IRC War: at least 3805 KB
  • Detection and Removal

    Automatic Removal:

    PestPatrol detects this.

    PestPatrol removes this.

    Manual Removal:

    Follow these steps to remove IRC War from your machine. Begin by backing up your registry and your system, and/or setting a Restore Point, to prevent trouble if you make a mistake.
    Stop Running Processes:

    Kill these running processes with Task Manager:

    Remove Files:

    Remove these files (if present) with Windows Explorer:


    More Info:

  • AllTheWeb, AltaVista, AOL Search, Ask Jeeves, Google, HotBot, Lycos, LookSmart, MSN, Yahoo!
  • Research By:

  • PestPatrol's Pest Research Center
  • Last Revised:

    April 03, 2005