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Grokster is a Peer-To-Peer File Sharing program. It offers free, peer-to-peer fast and detailed searches, no incomplete/failed downloads, auto resume, fast downloads, file preview, and ability to handle all file types. In an organization, Grokster can severely degrade network performance and consume vast amounts of storage. Installs numerous other products, including Active Delivery, CasinoOnNet, ClipGenie, CommonName, Cydoor, DelFin Media Viewer, DownloadWare, eUniverse, FavoriteMan, FlashTrack, Gator, IGetNet, IGetNet/ClearSearch, IncrediFind, IPInsight, Look2Me, Lycos.SideSearch, NetworkEssentials, NetworkEssentials/SCBar, PeopleOnPage, RVP, SAHAgent, Search-EXE, SearchEnhancement, TOPicks, VX2/e, VX2/f, and Webhancer.

Vendor Notes:

from the website: 'Grokster 2.6 is the latest version of this popular peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing software connecting to iMesh, Kazaa, and Morpheus users. Grokster allows its users to share all types of digital files via the Internet with millions of other users. This version of Grokster can be used for free with accompanying ads. Grokster's features include family and virus controls to help filter out unwanted content; detailed search capabilities; multiple simultaneous searches; resumable downloads; magnet links support; auto-resuming; publishing tools; file previews using Windows Media Player; and a built-in audio playlist.'


->license.txt [F-Prot], Adware/MoeMoney [Panda], Adware/PurityScan [Panda], Adware/TopMoxie [Panda], PurityScan [Name used by Ad-aware]

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P2P: Any peer-to-peer file swapping program, such as Audiogalaxy, Bearshare, Blubster, E-Mule, Gnucleus, Grokster, Imesh, KaZaa, KaZaa Lite, Limewire, Morpheus, Shareaza, WinMX and Xolox. In an organization, can degrade network performance and consume vast amounts of storage. May create security issues as outsiders are granted access to internal files. Often bundled with Adware or Spyware.

Adware: Software that displays popup/popunder ads when the primary user interface is not visible or which do not appear to be assocaited with the product.

Search Hijacker: Any software that resets your browser's settings to point to other sites when you perform a search. Hijacks may reroute your info and address requests through an unseen site, capturing that info. In such hijacks, your browser may behave normally, but be slower. Search results when such a hijacker is running will sometimes differ from non-hijacked results.

Toolbar: A group of buttons which perform common tasks. A toolbar for Internet Explorer is nomally located below the menu bar at the top of the form. Toolbars may be created by Browser Helper Objects.

Similar Pests:

P2P · Adware · Search Hijacker · Toolbar



Grokster, LTD

By This Group: ·


Date of Origin:

August, 2002



Numerous public distribution sites, such as


  • Grokster: 131.5%
  • More Info

    Clot Factor:

  • Grokster: 15
  • The "Clot Factor" is a measure of how much a pest "gums up" a machine by adding registry entries, files, and directories. As more objects are placed in a machine, manual removal becomes more difficult and more error-prone.


  • Grokster: Insufficient data to report growth
  • Operation


    Grokster installation includes GAIN, the Gator Advertising and Information Network.

    "The Gator Corporation advertising programs can generate click-through rates 20 to 100 times higher than traditional banner ads, because through GAIN, advertisers can reach consumers anywhere on the Web..."

    "Most GAIN messages currently come in the form of Pop-Up Windows on top of or underneath other windows on your computer desktop. Some are displayed in windows that float over web sites you are viewing."

    Grokster's installer also includes:

    • Purity Scan: “Service to be provided by PurityScan and/or PuritySweep. PurityScan will provide an application that lets users find objectionable material on their hard drive. PuritySweep will provide an application that cleans out files from a user's hard drive, some of whose content may prove to be objectionable by nature”. “Our site's registration form requires users to give contact and demographic information such as name, e-mail address, age, gender, zip code and country of residence. We may use customer contact information from the registration form to send the user information about our company and promotional material from some of our partners”
    • Cydoor “we have partnered with Cydoor Technologies to deliver small ads to the lower left corner of the main window of the application, in order for Grokster to bring targeted advertising to you”. “The Cydoor component of this software is simply a caching mechanism, which stores ads on your hard drive, and displays them only while the software program is open. When the ads have expired, the component deletes old ads and contacts Cydoor's servers in order to receive new ones.”

    Grokster’s installer also includes EULA’s for other products which may be installed at the same time:

    • Sidestep: “Sidestep is a free low-fare travel search tool that helps you comparison shop for the Web's best travel deals. The Software automatically communicates over the Internet with SideStep’s servers to check for updates to the Software”.
    • Webhancer: “This software relays your web surfing performance metrics to webhancer corp. To generate performance reports for third parties. As such, your internet connection will be used periodically to send and receive data”.
    • “The Net Pal software collects and maintains information on both current and historical browsing. Net Pal will use this information to build a summary of your interests so that Net Pal can help its partners make relevant and personalized offers to you”.
    • BullGuard Anti-Virus: “By entering into this agreement, you agree that the Company may collect and retain information about you, including your name, email address and credit card information. You also agree that the Company may collect information about the programs that attempt to execute on your computer”.
    • NewtonKnows: “Display of Advertising on your Computer Screen. The Product displays content ("Content"), including advertisements, that may appear anywhere on the screen, including over the web page you are currently viewing, or over another software application on your desktop. By downloading and installing the Product, you are consenting to the display of Content by the Product in such a manner”.
    • Golden Retriever Software: “Golden Retriever Software (GRS) is a program that was written to ensure that you maximize your cash-back rebates every time that you shop on-line” (FAQ)
    • IGetNet: “We may use your applicable personal name, company, business, firm, trade, or brand names in connection with the provision of the iGetNet Service and your registration of an IGN Keyword”
    • IPinsight: “IPinsight uses a software application to determine Internet users' connection speeds and neighborhood-level geographic locations. It sells this non-personally-identifiable data to web sites, which use the data to geographically target their ads and to decide whether to use rich media ads (for fast connection speeds) or standard ads. Finally, your address information is used to make educated guesses about the demographics of your household (things like income range, education, age, gender, whether there are children present, etc.)”
    • MyWay Speedbar: “We do not sell, rent or trade any personally identifiable information you provide when using the My Way website ("My Way"). We do not collect any personally identifiable information about you (such as your name or email address) when you use My Way unless you specifically decide to provide such information in order to enhance your My Way experience.”
    • EBates Moe Money Maker “Ebates is a shopping portal with a mission: help smart shoppers get the best deals online plus cash discounts. Privacy Agreement
    • King Solomon's Casino “King Solomon's is an on-line casino authorized by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, Canada.” (No privacy statement is available during installation, or on the website)


    Yes. This download includes additional applications that are bundled within the software's installer file, some of which may be provided by parties other than the developer of this download. These applications may deliver advertisements, collect information, overlay content or graphics on the Web site you are viewing, or modify your system settings. Pay close attention to the options presented to you during the installation process. As of 9/3/02, the version of Grokster available for download requires that you also install Cydoor and GAIN components. During installation, you will also be presented with more than 10 optional installation items and/or services from Symantec, File Freedom,, eBates, GreenCarrot, and others.

    Storage Required:

  • Grokster: at least 17557 KB
  • Browser Performance:

    Likely to slow performance of Internet Explorer.


    Privacy Policy:

    Stability Issues:

    Known to considerably slow a system down causing many programs to eventually crash. When running Windows 98 and older versions of IE, instability problems can be more severe. In some cases, trying to run Grokster will cause illegal operation errors.


    Older versions of Grokster contain vulnerabilities including a Trojan masquerading as an advertising application. Many users have claimed in online reviews to have received multiple trojan and virus infections while using Grokster.

    Detection and Removal


    Grokster may install CommonName, SAHAgent, and WebHancer, all of which reconfigure your network connection. If the Layered Service Provider is not deregistered properly, your network and Internet connection may be lost. The complexity of doing this properly make manual removal extremely risky.

    Installs with a trickler, and installs other products that have tricklers, ensuring that components are restored after you delete them.

    The Grokster uninstaller does not work at all -- it removes nothing.

    Automatic Removal:

    PestPatrol detects this.

    PestPatrol removes this.

    Manual Removal:

    Follow these steps to remove Grokster from your machine. Begin by backing up your registry and your system, and/or setting a Restore Point, to prevent trouble if you make a mistake.
    Clean Registry:

    Remove these registry items (if present) with RegEdit:

    Restore Settings:

    After following the instructions above, you will still need to restore your original settings and prevent this from happening again. Here''s how.


    More Info:

  • AllTheWeb, AltaVista, AOL Search, Ask Jeeves, Google, HotBot, Lycos, LookSmart, MSN, Yahoo!
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  • 07/13/04: AL
  • PestPatrol's Pest Research Center
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    April 03, 2005